Olives to Oil at Trullo Adagio

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November 27, 2012
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I’ve wanted to do this for several years! Usually at this time of year I just stare at the ground and wonder of what might have been!

Luckily, on my last visit I met Domenico and his mother-in-law (I never did learn her name!) picking the olives from Louisa’s trees (behind the trullo). I invited them to take our olives and 7am the following day they were already at work!

Quickly brushing my teeth I joined them with my camera. I did actually get my hands dirty (or stained with olive pulp!) and not just act all arty with the lens. Although I must confess filming was an escape from being made to look totally inadequate alongside the mother-in-law!

I hope you enjoy this film, the music is ‘Nightbook’ by Ludovico Einauldi… available on Itunes!