Neighbour Louisa has a trullo for sale

My neighbour, Luisa is selling a trullo about 300 yards down the lane from Trullo Adagio. She owns some land next door as well as this trullo but prefers to live in town (Ceglie Messapica) and as her children have now moved away she no longer has need of this property. I understand that the trullo is on the market for €140K.

The trullo has 4 original cones in good condition (that’s quite important as restoring the cones is specialised and quite expensive).

The adjoining annex (lamia) has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom with shower and a lounge.

There is a seating area under a gazebo to the front of the property.

There is already an external, underground water tank (cisterna) which provides the property with its main water supply. This is quite normal in this part of puglia, the water is a long way down and quite expensive to access so most rural buildings have this feature.

Total area of land is 3,000 m2, with a range of fruit trees and Oaks.
Though the annex (lamia) and trullo are not connected this is not a major restoration job and you could perfectly live there whilst developing to your own style over time.

Luisa doesn’t speak english however her daughter, Giuseppina does and can be contacted at

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