A trek in the Cisternino Hills

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January 13, 2020
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Typical! I’ve woken up at 5am the last few days in the trullo so I decide to turn it into a positive. Sunday I’ll meet up with Enzo and Millenari di Puglia for a trek in the Cisternino Hills. Guess which day my body decides to catch-up zzz hours?

View of Adriatic and Olive Groves

Anyway, I did make it 20 minutes late! And fortunately the group was still in the car park of the Lo Smeraldo hotel getting last minute instructions.

Sometimes driving from Bari or Fasano to the trullo I come via the steep climb through the pine forests to Cisternino. I love passing the grand old father Olive trees on groves that stretch from the Adriatic shore to the foot of the pine forest.

A fire break in the Pine Forest

The zig zap ascent through the pine forest to the outskirts of Cisternino. Today I see it all from the very top and even with a cloudy day the view is stunning.

Greeted at the top!

Our walk criss crossed  the forests on the edge of the Val d’Itria and the rugged landscape of olive stress and trulli.

One of several old trullo’s at the top.

Worth getting up for!