Football Freestyle in the amphitheatre, Lecce

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September 25, 2012
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LECCE (ITA). “I have played football all my life but I have never seen such ball control” said Cannavaro, who captained Italy to World Cup victory in 2006. “The world’s top 16 freestyle ballers are exceptional talents.”
Well I have something in common with Fabio Cannavaro then… I’ve never seen anything like this! And all set in the gladitorial amphitheatre, Lecce.
Lecce is one of the most beautiful baroque cities in southern Italy. It is also known as the ‘Florence of the south’.
Though Lecce (and Puglia in general) is not known as a footballing powerhouse. The cities team and nearest rival Bari, are known for yoyoing between Serie A and B, so a bit of a surprise to see this competition locate here… but it looks amazing. Lecce, with or without ‘football freestyle’ is well worth a visit and is only 1 hour 15 minutes from Trullo Adagio.