Orchids at Trullo Adagio

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April 13, 2014
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Green-Purple_Orchid_1 Spring is a very pretty time of year in Puglia… March, April, May. You dont get the intense summer heat but it can be quite warm. This year I was staying at the trullo for a week at the end of March, beginning of April and the daytime temperature was consistently 20-21C. It gets cooler in the evening but I had no reason to put the fire on!

Tall Orchid

But its not the time of year to sit and lie around the pool so a lot of holiday makers miss out on this treat. But if the pool sounds like a boring holiday anyway then the reward for visiting the area is the flora. At Trullo Adagio alone I found at least 5, if not 6 varieties of orchids. And they weren’t hiding! Under the pine trees that guide you to the trullo, further down the hill… all over infact.
Trullo Adagio Wild-Flowers

The orange wild flowers were just starting to pop too with one or two early poppies just teasing you of whats to come.

It’s also a great time of year for foraging and there are lots of wild asparagus at this time of year too. The wild version that the local picks are very gorsey like ferns but the new shoots are tender and delicious.
Wild Asparagus-2
Gently blanched for a minute is how I prefer them dressed in olio and lemon juice. But the locals also like to make a tempura like batter and quickly fry them to a make light, crispy side dish or antipasti.

So if botany is your thing, the area is a little treasure!
Trullo Adagio with Flowers2