Torre Guaceto

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January 2, 2012
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Taking up the Telegraphs story on the best beaches in Puglia (blog), I stopped for half an hour early on the 10th July, on my way to the airport to catch the flight back to London. With my new camera in hand (and still practising how to use it correctly) I made this little short to give you an idea of the local beaches. Many are just smaller versions (around Costa Merlata, Villanova) though those can get very busy during July and August.

This was 7.30 am… my flight at 9.30… good job the airport is just 15 minutes away!
A reminder from the Telegraph website (link can be found under the blog entry)
“Torre Guaceto is a nature reserve and protected area, so while the rest of the surrounding coastline is now home to countless bars, restaurants and hotels, this patch of sand and sea has remained blissfully free from development. Anyone who has experienced frustration at the strict organisation of most Italian beaches will revel in the freedom that Torre Guaceto offers. The fact that it is a nature reserve means that there are plenty of opportunities to observe plant and animal species usually scarce in this part of the world.”

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